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Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States (FOCCUS):

Canterbury Cathedral is the symbolic leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our Rector, Matthew Corkern, was elected as the Chair of Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States, FOCCUS, and is in charge of running regular pilgrimages to Canterbury Cathedral.

The Compass Rose Society

The Compass Rose Society is a group that supports the global ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury across the Anglican Communion. Each year, the Rector and three parishioners will be invited to attend the annual meeting at Lambeth Palace or Canterbury Cathedral. Calvary Church participants also have the opportunity to meet fellow Anglicans while traveling on Communion Visits around the world or studying our Anglican heritage on location.

The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem is an international Order of Chivalry with roots in the work of medieval monastic knights known as the Knights Hospitallers. The tradition of involvement with the people of the Holy Land continues through the Order’s work with support from The St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital. A member of the US Priory since October 2005, our Rector led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land (3-14 February 2014), with emphasis on the plight of Christians who now number less than 2% of the population in Israel and Palestine. Calvary Church hopes to host a gathering to bring attention to the work and ministry of the Eye Hospital over the last 150 years, and to encourage donations to this much needed facility. 

Calvary Church continues to support the The Good Shepherd Home & Academy located in Bafut, Cameroon. The Home is dedicated to caring for children on the streets in Cameroon. Many of these children have lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic. This facility provides a safe environment for them to grow into healthy young men and women. The Good Shepherd Academy was established in 2016 to provide a co-ed residential secondary/high school education for 350 students with the emphasis on academic excellence, integrating sustainable agriculture, physical and emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. The Christian school enrolls students from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Calvary has partnered with the Good Shepherd Home for over 15 years and has given $200,000 for the building of the refectory. “The Calvary Centre.” 

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Students Bridging the Information Gap (SBIG): Ghana

SBIG is a Summit-based charitable organization that supports students in less-developed countries by providing computer labs and libraries with age-appropriate reading materials. A Calvary parishioner was one of the founders of SBIG. Calvary supports the work of SBIG in the effort to help orphanages and schools in Ghana.
At Calvary Church, we strive to be Christ hands, eyes, and feet in our city and state through local outreach. For more information on our local outreach ministries, please contact the Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern at