Rector Search

Calvary has embarked on the search for its 14th Rector – an exciting process in selecting a new leader to shape the future of our parish. 

Transition Ministry Conference Open Position.

The Lead Discernment Team, which is spearheading this work, comprises:

Nancy Imbalzano – Team Lead
Susan Favate – Program Manager
Julie Armour & Laura Dudebout – Communications
Lourdes Aboud – Secretary
David Brewer – Chaplain
Nina Deutz and David Dietze – Finance
KC Artemenko & Nina Deutz, Susan Watts, David Brewer – Candidate Engagement Team
Canon Margo Clark & Canon Gail Avery – Coaching & Consultation 

In our December newsletter, vestry member Laura Dudebout sat down with the Reverend Canon Margaret A. Peckham Clark (Margo), who is the Canon for Congregational life for the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, to discuss the process and the challenges ahead. Click here for a copy of the interview.  

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