The Calling of a New Leader

We are actively accepting applications for our next leader – the 14th Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church.

Our team looks forward to this mutual discernment process and we plan to call our next Rector in early 2023

Dear Future Rector of Calvary Church...

Welcome to Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit, New Jersey!  We are delighted to introduce you to our wonderful community through this multimedia tour.  Our worship style is broadchurch, rooted in the traditions of the Episcopal church, while agile enough to be relevant in the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century. 

We take pride in our well-maintained, spirit-filled campus. Multiple capital campaigns over the past 10 years have refreshed all of the buildings and improved access to, between and within the buildings.  However, it is the presence of God across the campus that makes this a truly special and sacred space.  A space where all are welcome to deepen their faith, encounter God and the beauty of holiness. Feel the spirit and vitality of Calvary Episcopal church through the words of Interim Rector, Mother Melanie Barbarito…

The City of Summit

The location of the church and its 5-acre campus is only a short walk to the vibrant downtown community of Summit and a 40-minute train ride to New York City. We invite you to explore Summit and experience the community just around the corner from the Rectory…

Clergy and Staff

We are a congregation that knows a lot about change and we are emerging stronger as a result. Over the past two years our vestry has worked together with our interim rectors, the diocese and our congregation on a healing journey that has brought us closer as a parish community. We have welcomed a talented associate rector, Carrie Cabush, and an accomplished music director, Dr. Evan Cogswell, to work alongside our dedicated staff who have tremendous institutional knowledge and passion for our congregation and facilities. Learn more about our beloved clergy and staff.


Music is an important part of our tradition with enthusiastic congregational participation. We have adult vocal and handbell choirs as well as a children’s choir. Calvary’s music program plays an important part in our worship services and the wider Summit community. Dr. Evan Cogswell, our Music Director, continues this tradition of music and outreach. Some of the highlights since he joined us a year ago include a Halloween Eve concert filled with scary, soulful songs to serenade our costumed guests and a Christmas caroling bonfire to joyfully celebrate the return of singing to our churches. Let us show you more about our music program…

Formation Across Generations

Many young families in our church have joined to find a nurturing space for their children to learn and grow in God’s grace. Our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program and youth group offerings have played that role. As we look towards the challenges facing our youth today, we are excited to have Assistant Rector, Carrie Cabush, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who offers a unique skill set and passion in this space. We look forward to supporting her as she continues to grow our youth formation programs through your guidance and support. Adult formation has recently included a series of Book groups, prayer programs and a family Lenten series that explored racism through a lens of storytelling and Jesus’s teachings. We are looking forward to creating more cross-generational formation opportunities and programming this fall. Learn more about Formation at Calvary…


Calvary’s outreach in the community is direct, local and global – an important expression of our faith.  For over 30 years, Calvary has supported local programs to our “neighbors without addresses” by providing space, manpower and sustenance.  This work is supported through the sharing of our facilities and the time and donations of our parishioners.  Let us share a little more about the amazing programs Calvary has supported to extend God’s love into and beyond our community…


Fellowship has always been important to Calvary. We love to have fun together. Whether a fall picnic to kick off the new school year, a family friendly annual Oyster roast or a “bring your neighbor to church” brunch, we enjoy being together and love to find opportunities to mix old and new traditions that support intergenerational community connections. We look forward to working with you to fulfill God’s work and build upon our community of faith.  It is easy to see the commitment, fun and passion of our Calvary community through this picture slideshow…

Our Community

We have an engaged and active lay leadership representing multiple generations. We want to build and grow upon this foundation – where veteran members can share traditions and knowledge while younger members bring new energy and ideas. Our goal for the future is one where we care for the needs of younger and older parishioners alike – through spiritual formation, pastoral care and growing opportunities for youth engagement.  Having a leader, such as yourself, could help us sustain and grow our lay ministries by discovering and nurturing our talents and guiding them toward important, manageable ministries. Hear what Calvary means to us…

A Warm Welcome

We cannot wait to welcome you and your household with open arms to Calvary.  We need your collaborative and compassionate leadership to help us build on our momentum and capabilities. With your guidance, we will grow more deeply into being the church of the future, a center of excellence for our diocese and a place for current and future congregants to experience God within our loving, accepting community.  

We pray our shared discernment will lead you to us. 

With  Peace and Blessings,
Embrace Love, Embrace Calvary

Discernment Team

Team LeadNancy Imbalzano
Program ManagerSusan Favate
CommunicationsLaura Dudebout
SecretaryLourdes Aboud
ChaplainDavid Brewer
FinanceNina Deutz and David Dietze
Candidate Engagement TeamKC Artemenko & Nina Deutz, Susan Watts, David Brewer, Susan Favate